Carnegie Hill Framing Blog,Wrap A Picture? How To Wrap A Painting/Picture?

How To Wrap A Painting/Picture?

Here we show you step by step a simple and quick way to wrap canvases. Remember that when transporting works of art, a thousand incidents may occur, so we must try to minimize the risks.

Cut a piece of plastic sheet with bubbles large enough to completely wrap the paint.

Extend the bubble wrap (with the side of the bubbles facing up) on a flat surface.

Cut a piece of polyethylene plastic sheet of the same size and put it on the bubble wrap you have cut.

Cut a sheet of hard cardboard with the outside measurements of the front of the frame.

Place the cardboard on the plastic and secure it in place: the back wrap. Verify that it is rigid enough so that it does not bend and touch the surface of the painting.

Carefully place the work of art on the cardboard, with the front face down. Now wrap the canvas with the plastic tight.

Close all the edges with adhesive tape to create a resistant seal. Carefully seal the corners. Then do the same with the bubble wrap allowing the edges to overlap on the back face.

It is done! You have your canvas ready to be transported or placed in a packing box.

In the case of works with dimensions or shapes out of the ordinary, you can also choose a custom made drawer to ensure that they fit without problems. One factor that should not escape us is the importance of working with experienced movers, as this will help to minimize the risk of damage further because they use platforms and separators in their trucks that prevent unique items from entering contact with the other elements.

Remember that if you are going to use a moving or shipping company, you should make sure to label the canvas as ‘Fragile.’ many works of art are destroyed because of unreliable parcel delivery companies, although the most normal thing is that everything goes smoothly.